Angela Armstrong
ASIN: B078R57SH9
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 217

Meet Generation2K. AKA: The last 2000 alive. Most Gen2Ks are busy exploring Republic-sanctioned Matches in a last bid to save the human race. A few opt to operate on the fringe — away from the buzzkill that is the fertility crisis. That is, until fate has other ideas. Three fringe Gen2Ks, three stories, one volume.1. The QuinTama is broken. Then again, everyone left in the last clean city is. But Tama is more broken than most – which makes for wicked irony that he works in restoration, of all places. Broken Tama fixes things. He’s good at it though – good enough that he can almost forget how bad things are -- for everyone -- and how lonely being broken is. That is until Bex needs something restored. Every encounter with Bex lights up parts inside of Tama he had no idea needed fixing.2. Missive Tama discovered recently he is an old-fashioned romantic. So how does an old-fashioned ...
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