James Maxey
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 488

                  New  from the creator of Nobody Gets the Girl!  Cut Up Girl can't catch a break.  Valentine Summers is famous for all the wrong reasons. Her secret identity as the superhero known as Cut Up Girl has been exposed. Worse, explicit videos taken by a former partner have leaked to the media and she's become fodder for tabloids and a punchline for late night comedians.  It doesn't help that she has a rotten superpower, the ability to create a perfect clone of herself by cutting off a limb. Her limbs do grow back instantly, but her unstable clones end their brief lives with messy explosions. She'd like to put her life as a crimefighter behind her, but it's difficult to find a job when you're a scandal-plagued former vigilante.  Just when it seems her life can't get any worse, the most dangerous supervillain she ever put in prison escapes. Now she ...
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