Bonnie Burrows
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 368

WARNING: This Romance Is Considered EXTRA Sexy and is only suitable for adults due the high number of adult scenes that are included from the outset. With a strong jaw and chiseled abs, WereDragon Coram was impossibly attractive.And he knew it. So when he joined cute and curvy Leanna Shire on a mission to the planet of Lacerta he immediately sensed her attraction for him. With one eye on the task at hand, Coram was never going to pass up the chance to sleep with an attractive human woman. However, the consequences of his actions would be both a surprise and a SHOCK for the most handsome weredragon in the universe.... “CORAM” is Book 3 from the “Dragons Of The Universe” series. Each book features a new handsome dragon's quest to find his perfect mate on a planet far, far away. If you love steamy dragon romance, hot adventures and fiery thrills then you will love this!
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