David Chill
Publisher: Cold Spirit Press
Pages: 977

Murder is nothing new in Los Angeles – but it always seems to involve love or money.From a USA TODAY bestselling author: David Chill’s box set of colorful and brilliant mysteries capture both Raymond Chandler’s gritty vision and Robert B. Parker’s biting humor. Set in Los Angeles, these critically acclaimed books deliver intricate plots, witty dialogue and great characters!The 3 Novels In The Burnside Mystery Series, Books 4-6 (Box Set # 2) Includes:SAFETY VALVECORNER BLITZNICKEL PACKAGESAFETY VALVE (Book 4): When shots are fired at a legendary sports agent, the prime suspect is the man's former business partner. But nothing is the way it seems in this gripping mystery, and as the close calls evolve into murder, the drama grows and the tension mounts. Private Investigator Burnside, the former football star and LAPD officer, enters into a confounding world that gets murkier as ...
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