Baileigh Higgins
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 742

A survivor is born.Get The Black Tide Boxed Set featuring the complete series containing hundreds of pages of suspense-filled, character-driven, post-apocalyptic action. The Black Tide - OutbreakWhen a worldwide pandemic decimates the population, Ava's life takes a terrifying turn for the worse. Threatened with starvation, enslavement, and death, life becomes a daily struggle for survival.The Black Tide - ContagionAfter finding a new home, Ava battles to keep those under her care protected. New dangers confront her daily, and she struggles with the loss of her lover, Brian. Nonetheless, she is determined to forge a better future for them all.The Black Tide - UprisingKidnapped by the followers of a mysterious new enemy, General Hagen, Ava finds herself lost among a sea of prisoners, just like herself. With no hope of rescue, she quickly realizes the only means of escape lies within her ...
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