Jaclyn Weist
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 327

After Getting The Best Of Her Leprechaun Foe She Hopes Life Will Get Back To NormalIt's been months since Megan got the best of Louie, so she expects the first day of school to go perfectly. That is, until a fairy suddenly decides to become Megan’s bodyguard, a small dragon appears in her school, and the new guy, Bryce, shows that he knows a little too much about her.It wouldn’t be so bad if her luck would just behave like it should so she could fit in at school.˃˃˃ The Leprechaun Is Back, And He Is Making Her Life A Living NightmareAnd Megan’s final hopes for a normal life are dashed when she finds out that Louie isn’t gone and that he’s sending creatures after her. His biggest mistake, though, is taking what Megan cares about the most, and now he's going to pay.˃˃˃ “Twist of Luck is really fun. It just came out, but I snagged it right away. I already can't wait for ...
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