I.D. Blind
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 322

The Academy of Lost Knowledge teaches witchcraft and sorcery, and just like any other school of magic, it is full of old secrets and chilling mysteries. Here, Dryads teach magic and Faes teach spells; the students play Pixie Polo and race on flying carpets. Human-sized rag dolls clean the castle and jinxed snowmen guard its grounds.But sometimes, the life of the old castle and its magical residents is disrupted by the dangers of the wizarding world, and when thirteen-year-old Aram Nazarethian finds the road to the Witchcraft Academy, he plunges headfirst into the world of sorcerer wars and wizard conspiracies.Together with his new friends Aram will have the adventures of his life, while trying to find a cold-blooded murderer and stop the peril that might turn upside-down the world of magic."Abracadabra: The Witchcraft Academy" is the first book in the “Abracadabra” series.
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