Katherine Hayton
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 200

Three catastrophes and a funeral. When Holly Waterston is asked to cater for a wake, she believes the job will be straightforward although a little sad. Instead, the funeral service has been designed by the deceased to drop a bombshell on his grieving family. With Holly embroiled in the family's dirty laundry, she finds herself pulled into the web of distrust and dark secrets. A situation that grows even murkier when one of the siblings is attacked and murder raises its ugly head. As suspicions shines a spotlight in all directions, Holly must keep her wits about her if she's to unveil the truth and uncover a killer. Not to mention baking up a swathe of blueberry cupcakes! This Sweet Baked Mystery contains none of these ingredients: No Swearing No Gore No Graphic Scenes and absolutely No Cliffhangers! Scroll up and one-click to solve the murder mystery today!
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4 stars from 16 ratings
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