Pamela Malcolm
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 27

Percy The Police CarMeet Carville’s Finest! Percy is a brave police car, ready to help his fellow citizens of Carville anytime they need him. But right now it’s resting time! Percy is about to take a nap when suddenly Officer Diaz calls him! “A truck has broken down on the highway and it’s blocking traffic”! Percy puts on his siren and lights and is off to help! Will he be able to make it on time? How can Percy help solve this problem?Introduce Your Children To Police Work!This engaging and exciting illustrated children’s book is designed to help kids understand police work and appreciate the value of their services! The colorful illustrations will keep your kids entertained and the story will help them have fun while learning!Pamela Malcolm, an acclaimed children’s author, has created this easy-to-read and educational book, so you can spend quality time with your kids! 
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