R.J. Smith
ASIN: B0797NMR62
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 378

In the distance I see a lighthouse standing on a little island, and the light is spinning around as if calling out safety for the ships at sea. I watch as the light hits something in the cave to my right, and I see a flicker. It is at this moment I hear the beeping sound again. I know there’s the something I’m looking for, and I know this is where I will find it. Lynn has accepted her new life as part of the Invisible World, and with that she’s learning to accept herself as the Chosen One who is destined to lead her kind home to the Island of Soal. Through her dreams and guidance from her family, she discovers how much power she has been given and embraces her gifts. On this journey home, she has to separate the good invisibles from the bad in order to proceed on their journey. She realizes that people are not who they seem to be. While learning to have a real family and trying to ...
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