Lizzie Page
ASIN: B0798VYR98
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Pages: 342

‘A beautiful, heart-warming story of friendship and love... one of the best books set during the war that I have had the pleasure of reading.’ Renita D’Silva‘Completely spellbinding – I absolutely loved it.’ Elizabeth GillAs war takes its toll, the love and care of two brave young nurses will become everything to the wounded soldiers they tend. A gritty, emotional read inspired by an amazing true story.1914 – Two young nurses pledge to help the war effort: Mairi, a wholesome idealist hoping to leave behind her past and Elsie, a glamorous single mother with a weakness for handsome soldiers. Despite their differences, the pair become firm friends.At the emergency medical shelter where they’re based, Elsie and Mairi work around the clock to treat wounded soldiers. It’s heart-breaking work and they are at constant risk from shelling, fire and disease. But there are also ...
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