Edward Everett Hale
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A "fascinating introduction...." -Martin Griffin, NY Times OpinionatorIn Hales' 1897 edition of "The Man Without a Country" he includes a fascinating introduction in which he explains the details of his original ideas for writing the bestseller and the story of its initial publication in The Atlantic. In beginning his introduction Hale writes:"The publisher of this edition of THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY asks me to give some account of the circumstances and incidents of its Publication. I do this with a certain reluctance, lest it should seem that I think they are more important than they are. It is true, however, that a series of curious coincidences accompanied the history of the story. Persons who are interested in the Curiosities of Literature, then, may read this preface."Included in his introduction are references to the "real Philip Nolan" a Texas freebooter and Aaron Burr's ...
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