Ryan Becker
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 187

What triggers activate an all-consuming rage that leads people to commit mass murder? What is the motivation behind some of the most shocking crimes in US history?Get inside the chilling and callous mind of a spree killer to find out. In Volume 4 of True Crime, prepare for crimes like never before, as we examine what makes people snap and commit gruesome, calculated and disturbing crimes that will have you wondering about human nature.Inside these pages, you will encounter some of America's worst excesses in human behavior with notorious criminals like:- Priscilla Ford- Adam Lanza- Michael Kenneth McLendon- Dana Ewell- Christopher Harper-Mercer- And more…Each of these people holds their own gruesome place in the annals of US crime. But why would a 51-year-old woman intentionally drive her automobile into a crowd of pedestrians? And what caused a Korean immigrant to go on a bloody ...
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