Cyndi Raye
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 105

A Sweet Western Historical Romance With Secrets From The PastBecause of a secret that can never be revealed, Nora White's oldest son Luke vows never to marry. He takes care of the family and makes sure the White Ranch runs smoothly. But Nora has other intentions. She meets with matchmaker Miss Addie of Wichita Falls to find sweet, Christian women for her three sons.In the first book of the series, Luke is matched with Abigail, who is hard working, sweet and caring. She teaches Luke kindness but can she be the type of wife that will help him forget the past? Especially when she finds out he never had any intention of staying married. A clause in the contract may send her back in three months time. Can Abigail change Luke's mind in time?The Sons of Nora White is a sweet western, clean & wholesome romance series set in Texas, just North of Wichita Falls.FULL DISCLOSURE: This is intended as ...
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