Grea Warner
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 306

A young woman content with her solitary life. A rising country music star. They were friends once …until their lives took them down separate roads. Now, years later, when a child volunteers his uncle to sing for a fundraiser, LARA FAULKNER realizes it is none other than her college pal, FINN MURPHY. As the two get a chance to reconnect, Lara reveals to a compassionate Finn details of her shocking past and the traumatic decision she had to make.Through trust and love, the bond between Finn and Lara deepens as the country singer manages to get an emotionally scarred Lara to let down her self-proclaimed walls. But will secrets, lies, and tragedy cause a bumpy detour on their road to complete happiness?Emotional, dramatic, heartwarming… fall in love with COUNTRY ROADS – the first in a continuing series by author Grea Warner.
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