Ashley Emma
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 309

After Maria Mast’s abusive ex-boyfriend is arrested for sex trafficking, she thinks she can safely return to her Amish community. But the danger has only just begun. (The books in this series can be read in any order.)Someone begins stalking her and her young son Carter, and they want blood and revenge.When Maria returns home to Unity, Maine, Agent Derek Turner goes with her as her undercover bodyguard, trying to blend in with the other Amish men. The Amish way of life and their solid faith draws Derek in. He hasn't even prayed ever since his wife died, but living among the Amish makes him long for a stronger relationship with God.Maria's secretive eyes, painful past, and cautious demeanor intrigue him. As the human trafficking ring begins to target the Amish community, Derek wonders if the distraction of her will cost him his career…and Maria's life. Amish Under Fire was a ...
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