Nia Mars
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 207

I'm a scavenger. So what? With society's collapse on Earth, I do what I have to for survival. Especially after I'm kidnapped by space pirates. I have no idea why the five most powerful rulers in the universe decide that I'm the Oath Forger, the one foretold to fuse their royal houses together and bring peace. But I'm going to play along. Because, hey, it's better than probes in uncomfortable places. Now let's just hope they don't find out I'm lying.Your next binge read is here! Sci-fi romance bestseller. Completed series.Excerpt:My attention is glued to the man who sits straight ahead, on a platform of his own, above all others.He's larger than the largest man I had ever seen on Earth. His shoulders are twice as wide as mine. He is wearing a body-hugging suit, a dark blue space material that absorbs light. His muscle definition is...Clearly visible, even from as far away as where I'm ...
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