Emi Valerio
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 80

Before saying yes to anyone else, you must first 'Say Yes to YOU'! In Say Yes to YOU, Emi gets straight to the point and touches on sensitive topics that are unique to the development of self love and self acceptance. This book is her personal reaction to facing rejection, heartbreak and pulling herself back together regardless of her fears about the future. Before you say "I do" to a man, have you said "I do" to yourself? Emi does an incredible job of walking her readers through her pain and showing how she regained her confidence by saying "yes" to the woman in the mirror. She decided to no longer fill her voids through unhealthy relationships. Instead, she filled herself with the love of Jesus Christ. This book is a testament that preparation during your single season is as important as getting the ring!
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5 stars from 13 ratings
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