E.E. Burke
ASIN: B079R9124G
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 119

Can love be blind?Jolie LaFemme has been a working girl at La Maison for four long years...ever since being betrayed and left penniless. She’s jaded, distrustful and blind to the possibility of love. As far as she's concerned, being the madam of a popular parlor house is the best she can hope for, and nothing will convince her to give up the coveted and lucrative position.Hank Donavan arrives in Noelle with a plan to ensure his sister's financial security and regain his pride. He’s a man in his prime, handsome by any measure, but an accident ruined his vision, and his future. Now, he travels with his dog Bear, and sells beautiful handmade Valentine cards. His big opportunity comes when he's offered a chance to invest in the richest silver mine in the state. There’s only one catch: he has to be married first. Who would marry a blind man with little to recommend him when there are ...
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