F. Della Notte
ASIN: B079RJL893
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 398

An uptight priest and his high-spirited housekeeper, who likes to gossip. Is this oddball detective team Heaven-sent?Busybody Mrs. B has her heart in the right place—even if her nose isn’t. As the housekeeper and assistant to Father Melvyn Kronkey, she knows everything about everyone in their little Catholic church. But when a public spat fueled by a mischievous pussycat leaves one parishioner dead and another the prime suspect, an old woman’s freedom depends on her snooping.Sorting through the victim’s pilfered journal, with help from an uncannily intuitive cat, the amateur sleuths uncover a shadowy trail of vice. But when the sanctuary suffers a break-in and a mysterious prowler is spotted around town, exposing the truth could send them to an early appointment with St. Peter.Can Mrs. B, Father Melvyn, and their feline friend nab the culprit before the church’s reputation ...
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