Duke Morrison
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 203

An anthology of werewolf horrorSHE WOLVESThree hunters journey to New Mexico for a weekend of big game hunting. They enter a bar where they try unsuccessfully to pick up on a group of young women only to find out later that the women are werewolves...turning tables on the men as the hunters become the hunted in the New Mexico desert. MARK OF THE BEAST - Jessie has just picked up trailer park mother and are en route to the grandmother's house when they hit a deer on a deserted highway. The accident totals her broken down Volkswagen Bug...but the two soon have bigger problems. The deer was being chased by something very large. A beast emerges from the shadows and soon sees the two women as an appetizer as they try to escape. BIGFOOT CREEK - Cindy is the producer of a low budget reality show that specializes in cryptozoology. Both her and her crew journey to the woods where they discuss ...
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