Chauncey Rogers
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 316

If the shoe fits, wear it.If it doesn't, make it.Laure has spent the past year on the streets. She's dirty, hungry, poor, and very unhappy about it. All she wants is enough money to get away--away from the filthy streets, away from the gleaming castle on the hill, away from everything she knows. But then she hears the king's proclamation: a mysterious girl disappeared from the royal ball, leaving behind a glass slipper. The first girl to fit into the shoe will be the prince's bride. Some see an enchanting love story. Laure sees the nobility's incompetence and an opportunity to exploit it. With a change in luck, a clever plan, and an unlikely accomplice, Laure might just be able to hoodwink the royal family and con her way into the palace. The unexpected adventure that follows catches Laure in problems much bigger than she could have imagined. But without a fairy godmother of her ...
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