Jessica Lynch
ASIN: B079VFV964
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 126

Ophelia of Hamlet: a Cozy Bed & Breakfast.  Open to All.In a small village with a population of less than two hundred, there was hardly a need for an inn.  There was definitely no reason for one of the locals to open a bed and breakfast when outsiders were few and far between.  That didn't stop Maria De Angelis.  Though she knew she would never manage to escape Hamlet—and she didn't want to—running Ophelia was her dream.  But when did she decide to do it?  Why?  Where did she get the name for it?And what really happened with Mack Turner?Told in snippets, this companion novella spans eight years, showing the birth of the idea for Ophelia all the way to the day Maria reopens her bed and breakfast and has Tessa Sullivan for a guest.  The reader gets a closer look at the relationship between Lucas and Maria De Angelis, as well as glimpses of some of the Hamlet residents that are featured in ...
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