Peter Staadecker
Publisher: Robert Peter Staadecker
Pages: 241

Book 1 of one of the most original sci-fi/epic fantasy series set in a post-eco-collapse world. Sal thinks he's escaped an assassination attempt. But now he's on a journey that will likely kill him anyway, accompanying two monks with a violent past. An ocean way, Nyx is on the run, carrying a vital package that might make all the difference for life on earth. Her pursuers are closing in, and winter snows are blocking her way forward ... The world is dropping into a new Dark Age. Led by a ruthless duke and some very strange cults. The Monks of St. Bacchan brew wine with unpredictable effects. The Monks of Han-Bu are trying to destroy the world ... again. The Tectonic Monks want to save it ... along with some very odd endangered species. "Staadecker delivers a rich world of fantasy, hard science, satire, outrageous puns, wild adventure and even a touch of romance that will captivate both ...
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