Lylah James
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 330

MariaI was trapped. There was nothing left of me. Then he came and wanted to make me his.He saved me. He gave me a home, a family. He made sweet love to me. I was his Angel. He was my everything. I thought we would live happily ever after, but there are no happy endings in the mafia life.I found this out the hard way, as the blood flowed, red as roses…LyovAngel. The word meant nothing until I saw her. I found her in a place worse than hell. She calls me her savior. But I didn’t save her. I captured the pretty angel and made her mine. Life was perfect. I had everything I wanted.I was her salvation. She was my redemption.Until I lost her. Angels deserve happy endings, but monsters like me don’t.My darkness became hers, and our happily-ever-after became tainted.
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