Rebecca Main
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 676

“This might be… unpleasant for you.” He tells me, eyes half-mast as his gaze focuses steadily on my birthmark. “They say the sealing of a soulmark can be quite… intense. But what kind of pleasure is without its own pain? Hmm?”Get the explosive beginning to the highly acclaimed 'A Soulmark Series', Books 1-3, from breakout author, Rebecca Main!Instantly transport yourself into a world, where love threatens to turn the supernatural realm upside down.Become entangled in warring hearts, old grudges, paranormal politics, and shameless sexual tension.Join the provocative and diverse cast of lovers and seducers, who will leave you lusting and craving more.*****Get the series that readers say has them addicted. Books you won’t put down till you're finished:"This is the first book that’s grabbed my interest in over a year...It’s delicious in every way imaginable. My love for ...
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