Rebecca Main
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 676

Destiny marks their skin…The Adolphus Pack broke tradition. No more would they tolerate the chokehold of the old ways. But the paranormal world doesn’t make concessions in tradition or in love. Now, three pack mates find themselves bound to strangers by an ancient magic, the soulmark. Some love is forbidden…Three strong-willed women will test the men of the pack.The witch will threaten war.The thief will steal more than a heart.And the warrior will test their strength.Enemies both old and new amass at their border…Threatening more than just their hearts. As these diverse couples struggle to navigate a world of scintillating passion and supernatural danger, each must choose a side–enemies or lovers. For the Adolphus Pack, these outsiders could bring them strength or be their downfall.Get the explosive beginning to the highly acclaimed 'A Soulmark Series', from breakout ...
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