Jessica Mann
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 192

"Richly plotted, grandly peopled, and amusingly vivid" Kirkus ReviewsRecently discovered oil on the barren and isolated island of Forway has caused a plan for evacuation so that the entire island can be used for an oil rig. The islanders, however, intend to declare their independence from England. Tasked to spy on the potential revolt, Tamara Hoyland soon realizes that her services as a detective will be more needed then her services as a spy. In addition to the politically volatile situation, bodies start to be uncovered...With a rich cast of fascinating, conflicting island locals, No Man's Island is an intriguing detective novel that follows up on the critical success of the first Tamara Hoyland mystery, Funeral Sites.About the author…Jessica Mann was born in London, England in 1937. She studied archaeology at Cambridge University and Law at Leicester University. No Man's Island is ...
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