Lewis Orde
ASIN: B079X21FD5
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 501

He lived for vengeance, power . . . and the love of one woman.Roland Eagles is orphaned at fifteen when German bombs destroy his family. After lying about his age, he joins the British army, seeing action at El Alamein and Normandy before participating in the liberation of Bergen-Belsen where he is forced to confront his own heritage while sparing an SS officer — a good German — who is fated to play a key role in Roland's life.After the war, Roland makes headlines by eloping with the beautiful daughter of a foreign diplomat — only to lose his wife in childbirth. While a nanny raises his daughter, Roland uses a gambler’s nerve to build a financial empire which will allow him to meet, on equal terms, the wealthy family who shunned his father for marrying a woman of a different faith. From the innocent passions of his first love to the tight embrace of money and power — from ...
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