Petros Eshetu
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 158

Are you craving connection?Do you wear an invisible mask to hide who you truly are? You go as far as putting yourself down so others can feel good around you?Have you ever been ridiculed for not speaking up more often? Is the fear of not being good enough or your perfectionism getting in the way of your success?This informative and inspiring book will show you how to connect easily with anyone without minimizing your imperfections.You will learn how to identify and kick out any self-sabotaging beliefs that's holding you back from your greatness. Maybe you struggled to connect with family or friends.Having random small talk with strangers was definitely a No-No. Big social gathering always make you feel uncomfortable.Conversations with others tend to be awkward at times since you don't always know what to say or even what to do.  Maybe you opened up to people alot  but only to ...
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