Elise Marion
Publisher: Marion Press
Pages: 346

Book 1 of Sons of Cardenas, a Fantasy Historical Romance series revolving around a royal family. A spin-off of the Royals of Cardenas series.Prince Damien Alexander II is next in line to the throne of the kingdom of Cardenas—a fact his parents never let him forget. Because in order to be a suitable ruler, he must settle down with a wife of his choosing, produce an heir, and become serious about matters of crown and country.There’s just one problem. Alex enjoys being a bachelor and is in no rush to give up his lifestyle of freedom and debauchery. When his parents urge him to consider the eligible women attending an upcoming house party, he can think of nothing worse. That is, until he lays eyes on Lady Lucille Wakefield.It’s been fifteen years since Alex last saw Lucille, and the annoying little girl he used to torment is now a woman…an infuriatingly high-handed shrew of a woman. ...
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4.5 stars from 17 ratings
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