Jennifer Scribner
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 150

Does your child refuse to eat anything but their five favorite foods? Do you wonder if your child’s upset stomach, rashes, and behavioral issues are related to food? Do you wish you could introduce veggies to your child’s plate without a full on food fight?You’re tired of flipping through dietary advice, only to think, “Sounds good, but my kid will never eat this way.” In this book you’ll learn:How our modern food, medicine, and everyday toxin exposures have left you with a kid who’s picky and unhealthy.Three methods to get your child on a new healing diet, with recommendations for different age groups.What to expect during the first two weeks, which is the toughest time.Supplements and foods that can accelerate healing.Troubleshooting tips for the most common problems you’ll encounter, like constipation, bedwetting, and eczema.Plus, a section on alternatives if you ...
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