Nancy Marmolejo
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 53

What’s the best way to respond to someone who posts about an illness, death, or loss on social media? Is it rude to click “Like”? Is it possible to say too much or too little? Is there a right or wrong way to approach this?With the average person spending up to two hours a day on social media, chances are you’re going to encounter this situation more and more. In the pre-social media era, we’d sit down and write a well thought out sympathy card. But now we see grave news interspersed with cat videos and memes. How do you switch gears from scrolling and liking things to feeling empathy and offering heartfelt support to someone who’s hurting?"Don’t Say That, Say THIS!" addresses those issues and more. Author Nancy Marmolejo takes her years as an avid social media user, career as an Executive Coach, background as a teacher, and life experience of losing three loved ones in the course of ...
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