Lucia Kuhl
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 27

NEVER MAKE A DEAL WITH A PSYCHIC CAT. Jenna Jasmine's goal is to rebuild a prosperous life for herself. Every day she puts one high-heel in front of a loafer and builds her business. What does she receive for all that work? Bad guys dognap her beloved Bugsy and refuse to return him unless an outspoken psychic cat gives them the winning numbers for tomorrow night's lottery. Yeah, right!The police only care about the dead person in her front yard, and her father is, well, a challenge. Oh yes, and she needs to maintain the secret at all costs. The secret that got her into this mess in the first place. And the lead detective seems bent on discovering that secret. Could things get worse? Of course, they can. Download this snappy short read tonight. While you're shopping, your cat asked for catnip. The good stuff!!!
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