Allen Dark
Publisher: WAV LEGENDS
Pages: 105

A young, conniving university undergrad falls victim to an equally manipulative student who will do whatever is necessary to save her dying sister. Her leverage? Nepolai's not so secret savage hunger for human flesh. In order to keep his lifestyle from being exposed, he does her bidding all while leaving a brutal trail of murders for a senior detective."If she really had seen what I did to Madison why was she so calm? Was she like me? Like Mother?" - Nepolai“When I saw you doing what you did to that girl, something dark inside of me was relieved to see you. An opportunity to save my sister.” - BexleyNepolai's darkest secret is being used against him after not covering his tracks. With a campus student dead he struggles to keep a low profile from a relentless detective while being controlled by a woman desperate to save her sister's life. A dark disturbing murder thriller fans of ...
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