Jeremy Bolton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 103

Are you someone with a stoic persona?Is stoicism something you would like to have in abundance, to help you through tough times?In this short but informative e-book, Stoicism: Introduction to Applying the Ancient Philosophies of Stoicism and Live a Stoic Way of Life, you will discover many of the traits of stoic people and how you can become more like them, while also dispelling many of the myths that surround it.In this book, you will find several interesting topics including:Understand the basics of stoicismControl your passionsMake the best of any situationCompare stoicism against major ideologiesLive a stoic lifeDispel common misinterpretationsAnd with an in-depth look at some famed stoics, such as John Sellars, Marcus Aurelius, and Seneca, you will get a complete overview of this fascinating subject, from different periods of history.Making the most of your life ...
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