Sharon Gillenwater
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 200

Lost. Injured. Alone.She doesn’t know where she is. Or even who she is. Yet, she believes with all her heart that God will rescue her. She didn’t expect Him to send a handsome, ex-lawman to do it.Rancher Jake Trayner instantly feels protective of the mysterious lady who has stumbled onto his sprawling West Texas ranch. She brings a beacon of light to his solitary world, and he is determined to help her find the missing pieces of her life. Even if the return of her memories erases the precious bond growing between them—and means he might not ever see her again...Sharon Gillenwater BooksCHRISTIAN CONTEMPORARY ROMANCEBuckley, Texas Series 1. Love Song2. Texas Treasure3. Texas Tender4. Love Wanted, A Christmas NovellaBuckley, Texas: Rolling Star Ranch Series 1. Gideon & KylieThe Callahans of Texas 1. Jenna’s Cowboy2. Emily’s Chance3. Megan’s HeroCoyote Springs, TexasHome Sweet ...
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