Lora Edwards
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 218

Torn between love and duty--the betrayal of a sacred vow follows one woman scorned to the ends of the Earth in search of peace, promise, and purpose. For Ovidia has much to do as a member of the Paranormal Research and Rescue Institute. Having lost her fiance to the duty of his crown, she is struck to find him not only back in her life but her partner on a dangerous mission. Now centuries in the past in 1718, Ovidia must set aside her feelings and the lingering sting of betrayal in order to track down a missing siren and return her to a mysterious and ancient island that few have found--or lived to tell the tale. Even with the odd companionship of pirates around her, Ovidia finds Erik to be the one she trusts the least--no matter how her heart aches for him. With danger on the horizon, Ovidia sets sail for the adventure of a lifetime--one that will challenge her mind and her heart, as ...
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5 stars from 6 ratings
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