Rachel John
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 163

A classic tale of love or money…Paige Parker is too busy working to ever find love. Which is just fine with her. Seeing her sister date loser after loser is all the convincing she needs. What she doesn’t expect, is Shaun Randall. After saving her from an epically bad blind date, their paths keep crossing until she can’t help giving the goofball a chance. The only problem? He wants the next house she wants to flip, and her business has always come first.When it comes to dating, Shaun Randall is not about to get serious with anyone. He has his mother to take care of and enough family secrets to keep him running from any girl who gets too close. Spending time with Paige starts out as a means to get his dream home, but every time he thinks it’s time to bail, he finds himself drawn in a little more.When is it worth taking a chance on love?*Each book in this clean romantic comedy ...
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