Patrick Riecke
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Pages: 187

“We all want to hug you. Will that be ok?” The young man whose mom had tragically died that day quietly nodded. Riecke wrapped his arms around him. “I’m so sorry. I wish there were some magic words I could say to make it all better.”In life’s most difficult moments, we all want to help or say the right thing. But what do you say? It can feel like all the rules have suddenly changed.Buy this book today so you will know how to talk with Sick, Dying, and Grieving People, when there are no magic words to say.Rev. Patrick Riecke, M.A., is the Director of Chaplains and Chairperson of the Ethics Committee for Parkview Health. For over 20 years, Riecke has curated the best methods for helping people and families in exactly these moments. Book Patrick to speak for your next conference or event at this book, Riecke unveils:Compelling stories of ultimate suffering ...
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