Stacy Claflin
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 220

**Series Complete: Binge them all!**When an angel of death breaks her Valkyrie oath, she’ll face Valhalla’s brutal wrath.Soleil isn’t one to follow the rules. Still in mourning for her fiancé’s death, she defies an assassination order from Valhalla itself to keep a friend alive. Now the Valkyrie’s entire species plans to make her pay…On the run from her own kind, Soleil’s problems double when a powerful witch targets the angel of death on a quest for revenge. Desperate to keep her best friend Titan safe, she considers abandoning the one she cares about most. If only she wasn’t starting to fall deeply in love…Facing retribution from all sides, Soleil must endure an impossible supernatural battle or die trying…Renegade Valkyrie is the first book in the gripping Valhalla’s Curse series of urban fantasy novels. If you like sweet paranormal romance, plucky heroines ...
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