Alan Lee
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 244

★★★★★ "Hurry up with the next book! I'm old and in poor health!"★★★★★ "I read these in one sitting. Honestly I can't stop!"   Book Three of the Next Great Detective SeriesMeet Dr. Everett Owens--a respected anesthesiologist bringing his tale of woe to the door of professional sleuth Mackenzie August. Roanoke City's premiere residents are being burglarized and Everetts' been framed for the crime.  Mack is hired to investigate, unearthing dirty secrets buried by Roanoke's royalty. As the plot thickens, Mackenzie's carefully ordered world is struck by tragedy and he comes ever closer to Veronica Summer's final secret...     ★★★★★ 'Jack Reacher with a wicked sense of humor.'Begin the series today!
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