Marisa Rudder
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 122

Take control of your relationship and make him more loving, romantic, attentive and helpful. A female led relationship will light a fire in your relationship! This brand new book is destined to be the most revolutionary, breakthrough, and fastest growing relationship guide of the next 20 years. A man will be blessed when he hears the words of his woman and he puts them into practice. This is a revolutionary approach to creating the perfect Female Led Relationship and is guaranteed to spice up any relationship or marriage. Learn how to take charge and become a leader in the world, at home and in the bedroom, as well as, fulfilling your man's deepest needs and desires. If a man wants to be your lover, he will obey your wishes and commands. Men report 97% of the time, getting more satisfaction than ever before, experiencing a loving female authority.  Marisa Rudder provides a practical ...
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