Naomi Berrios
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 140

From Naomi Berrios comes her breakout novel and the first story in the FaithGirl series about extraordinary faith , super hero capes, and young love.Abigail Perez is just your average Christian teenager. She loves her family, going to youth group, hanging out with her cousin, and wondering who she will fall in love with. Until one day she hears a special preaching in youth group that forever changes her life.Thanks to faith the size of a mustard seed she realizes she can do super human things by prayer. As Abi explores her newfound faith and the powers they bring her, she gets closer to the young man who sparked the change in her life, her new youth leader Joshua. Will he be her first boyfriend? Her first kiss? Can Abi handle being a senior and a super hero?Cute and charming, FaithGirl is a story of one girl’s faith that is strong enough to move mountains. Literally. Authors Note:Is ...
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