Christopher Nicole
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 268

Anna Fehrbach is not yet twenty-one, the picture of beauty and innocence – and a deadly assassin with seven kills to her name. Recruited by the Nazis under threat of reprisals against her beloved family, she serves as a double agent for the English in the turmoil of the Second World War.Now, in 1940, the Allies seem utterly defeated. France has surrendered, and the only threat that the Nazis take seriously is Soviet Russia. And Anna is a valuable weapon in the German war on the world. If she is to keep on surviving, Anna must go to Moscow with an extraordinary mission: to assassinate Stalin.This is the second book in the Anna Fehrbach series, following on from Angel from Hell.Born in the West Indies, British author Christopher Nicole’s historical fiction won international acclaim. Christopher Nicole spent his later with his wife, Diana, also a novelist, in the Channel Islands, where ...
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