Amber Garr
Publisher: Mystical Muse Publishing
Pages: 347

Sorcery is illegal. What happens if she uses it to break her mom out of jail?Durham, North Carolina. Cressa Ravensdale hates having to hide who she is. With magic outlawed and those who use it considered criminals, the young necromancer is just trying to make it through her first year of college. But when she discovers her mother isn't dead but imprisoned in a terrifying supernatural reformatory, the plucky freshman is determined to set her free.Performing embarrassing parlor tricks to raise the money she needs, Cressa fears she is practically asking to be arrested. But when a charming man with violet eyes offers access to a shadowy clientele with deep pockets, she's unable to resist the temptation&helip; and finds herself in the midst of a war she never wanted.Can Cressa reunite her family without putting herself six feet under?Waking the Dead is the thrilling first book in The Second ...
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