J.R. Rain
Publisher: Rain Press
Pages: 344

Book 2 in the bestselling Maddy Wimsey, Witch Detective series!Magical forces don't always play nice. In fact, they can be downright evil.Life is going fairly well for Detective Maddy Wimsey. At thirty-five, she's an accomplished detective, practicing Wiccan, has a wonderful relationship with her long-time boyfriend, and even a much-needed vacation after dealing with a cursed gem.Alas, her break doesn't last long.A creeping darkness interrupts the solace of the woods with a supernatural vendetta against her coven. Maddy had opened a particular can of worms looking into the past, and the entity has decided to make her a target.With a deadly supernatural entity on the loose, the last thing she needs is for her day job to get in the way, but a new murder case lands right in her lap at the worst possible time. A sadistic serial killer and no good leads guts Maddy's confidence. With each new ...
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5 stars from 67 ratings
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