Risa Fey
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 18

Would u do a doggo felon an adopt...? Y helo there, am doggo, and this is bork 1 of my short colection of furry tails. Doggo adventures await u here, an' in this pawticular instalment I do a tell of my stresful imprisunment and pet adoption. Dog adoption stuf is ruff, 'n takin' care of hoomans is also ruff.I would put mor here, but doin' u a spoiler is no fun! Needless to woof, this is the intro to my jorney.A short story and Bork 1 of the Doggo Tails series.For fans of all ages who enjoy The Secret Life of Pets and Homeward Bound. Seekers of doggo fiction and pretentious doge literature unite! If you love cute and nonsensical doggo memes, you'll love these hilarious and heart-warming doggo tales, as told by the doggos themselves.
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