L.C. Hibbett
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 194

"Cute, fun, sexy, full of laughs."★★★★★What do you get when you cross a crass old ghost, three hot house cats, and one vegan on a mission? A whole lot of trouble. Price is beginning to find her feet in Salem, Oregon. Her new juice bar is under construction, Finn is starting to remember his life before Agatha cursed him, Tom is defrosting (slowly), Pussy is growing his hair out, and Agatha... Well, some things never change. But on the whole, things are looking good for Price.Until she finds her friend Tracy has disappeared into thin air!Now, in the midst of planning the shop's relaunch, she must team up with her motley crew to find Tracy before something terrible happens. But will she get there in time?Vanishing vets, curious cats, witchy ghosts, mystery, mayhem, and romance. Isn't it time you delved into this best-selling series?
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5 stars from 66 ratings
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