Cari Quinn
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 1819

Get this exclusive boxed set before it disappears...a steal compared to the price of the individual books!The first 6 books in the USA Today bestselling rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion."I'm stuck on Oblivion!" - Amazon reviewerThe five members of the rock band Oblivion--Deacon, Gray, Jazz, Simon, and Nick--started in the gutter and soared to superstardom.$ex.Love.Drama.Destruction.Heartbreak.Oblivion has it all.Rocked & Rock, Rattle and Roll: Deacon's the wild rockstar with the heart of gold. Harper's the tour chef determined to protect her job and to not be just another groupie. The tour lasts only six weeks. And there's no shortcut to forever...Twisted & Untwisted: Jazz is his off-limits foster sister. Gray is her protector, her best friend, and her bandmate. Their love is on a collision course, and now Gray is on the verge of losing everything. Including Jazz.Destroyed: Simon is ...
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