Matthew Lynch
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 110

Whether you want to know how to "pickle the hands" to "make them hard as stones" in the old time bare-knuckle tradition or simply throw a proper coup de pied bas, this is vintage book you're looking for. Julien Leclerc, who published this book in 1911, was a passionate martial artist whose gym was a driving force in developing fighters in turn-of-the-century Paris. He taught La Boxe Francaise or Savate alongside what was then known as English boxing, which at the time had only recently adopted the practice of wearing gloves. Here he provides a very clear outline of boxing punches and Savate kicks complete with photos. There are also descriptions of fights featuring Jack Johnson and Jim Corbett, along with some details regarding the giants of the ring like John L. Sullivan. So while you are waiting for the rest of the class to show up at your dojo, why not kick back and read a few pages ...
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